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Current Status
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$300 initially, $75 yearly maintenance
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Welcome to the Science of Reading Literacy Certification portal

Step 1: complete letter of intent and educational background form

Please complete the Educational Background Form above to begin the certification process. If you have any questions related to the form, please contact us at [email protected]

step 2: complete coursework

Once step 1 has been completed, please proceed to fulfilling the coursework requirement outlined above. Or submit the coursework attestation form to report the coursework completed outside of the Lavi Institute.

step 3: complete projects

Once step 2 has been completed and verified by the Lavi Institute, please submit the project request form to receive instructions on completion of 2 literacy projects.

step 4: pass final examination and receive certification

This is the final step, submit the completed literacy project for final review and complete the final examination. This process may take up to 4 weeks. Once the projects and the final examination are reviewed and approved, you will receive your certificate by email.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, provided we receive the request in writing which explains the extenuating circumstances why the applicant was unable to complete the certification in the allotted time period. A $75 processing fee will be charged at the time of extension acceptance.

Currently, the programming recommendation is to split up the time rather equally between language and literacy (~35 hours in language and 40 in literacy).

Yes, in order to satisfy the course requirements a variation of the following coursework is required (samples of courses/not exhaustive/ subject to change):

  1. Appropriate selection of psychometrically sound standardized language and literacy instruments
  2. Clinical assessment of language disorders in speech-language pathology
  3. Clinical assessment of literacy for SLPs
  4. Standardized test application: strength and limitations interpretation
  5. Narrative/discourse assessment, interpretation, and treatment
  6. Contextualized intervention therapies
  7. Assessment and treatment of phonological awareness
  8. Assessment and treatment of orthographic knowledge
  9. Assessment and treatment of reading fluency and comprehension
  10. Assessment and treatment of morphological competence
  11. Assessment and treatment of spelling
  12. Assessment and treatment of writing

Yes, some (but not all) of the courses will be counted toward the requirement (e.g., courses on CAS assessment or AAC will not be applicable). Coursework will be reviewed and relevant courses will be counted.

That is not necessary. The 75 hours of coursework can be obtained from any relevant educational organization (e.g., IDA), if not obtained through the CEU Smart Hub. If it is obtained from another organization, the following information is required to be listed for each taken language/literacy course as proof of coursework. Please note that there is a $100 processing fee to review coursework documentation.

  • Organization name through which the course was taken
  • Course Title
  • Course Description
  • Learning Objectives
  • Number of hours/CEUs obtained
  • Confirmation of successful completion (proof of completion/attendance)

Yes, maintenance requires a yearly completion of 20 hours of required language and literacy coursework. Courses can be accessed through the CEU Smart Hub or obtained through other organizations (a processing fee of $25 will apply for course review). The cost of yearly certification maintenance is a $75 processing fee.

If you have any further questions about the certification process or maintenance of the certificate please contact us at [email protected]

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