Determining Adverse Educational Impact

Determining Adverse Educational Impact
Charlotte Granitto, MS, CCC-SLP

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This presentation reviewed strategies of determining the impact of speech and language disorders on educational progress and social interactions using rating scales that analyze real-life authentic observations by teachers, parents, and clinicians. This session examined way to assess real-world challenges faced by individuals with speech and language disorders. This session reviewed rating scales that analyze real-life authentic observations of teachers, parents, and clinicians that use a contextualized, whole language approach to evaluate the impact and the outcome of a speech and/or language impairment on academic success and social interactions. 

ASHA: 0.1 ASHA CEUs, Intermediate Level


CMH: 1.0 

Charlotte Granitto, MS, CCC-SLP is a licensed speech-language pathologist and technical publications writer. Charlotte’s primary research interest is in the area of social language development. She works as part of the Lavi Institute team and focuses on the research and development of video-based assessments and treatments for individuals with speech and language disorders. Charlotte also has experience working in a clinic, hospital, and school setting as a rehabilitation therapist and speech-language pathologist. She earned a Bachelor of Art’s degree in psychology with a focus in research from Wilfrid Laurier University and earned a Master’s degree in Education specializing in speech-language pathology from the State University of New York at Buffalo State.

  1. Identify and explain the need for speech and language evaluations to include multiple observations across various environments and situations.
  2. Explain the valuable information that clinicians, parents, and teachers can provide regarding a student’s speech sound production, understanding of spoken language, oral language, language integration, literacy, and social language abilities.
  3. Explain how the IMPACT Rating Scales can be used to understand the impact a speech and language disorder may have on a child’s academic success.

This course must be watched in its entirety. In order to receive the CMH or the CEU certificate, a quiz is required to be completed with 80% success.

Financial— Charlotte Granitto will receive a speaking fee from the Lavi Institute/Power Up Conference

Nonfinancial— No relevant nonfinancial relationship exists.

5 mins – Disclosures, Introduction

25 mins – Literature Review and Methodology: analyze research data, strengths and weaknesses of studies that evaluated impact of speech/language impairment on educational progress and social interactions, list and review current standardized rating scales that evaluate educational impact

20 mins – Results and Recommendations: discuss areas that proved to be most predictive of educational impact based on research review, analyze types of questions that were found to be most effective in analyzing educational impact, explain assessment techniques that help determine impact and eligibility in the school setting

10 mins – Q&A

Course: 0058
Determining Adverse Educational Impact

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