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supervision in SLP: dealing with challenging personalities

May Fullfill ASHA Supervision requirement

Course Description

This course provides strategies for developing skills in supervising students, clinical fellows, and employees. Emphasis is placed on avenues for reflection, use of tools to recognize and address value conflict, developing methods of delivering effective feedback. This virtual lecture provides the participants with strategies on how to deal with challenging personalities in both clients and in the workplace, by first, learning more about themselves. Beginning with the art of emotional competency, participants learn about different personality types, conflict resolution styles and where they may fall in each category. Participants then acquire skill sets to help manage emotions in themselves and how to more effectively connect with those they are working with. To conclude, recommendations are given on how to better prepare for entering difficult situations with challenging personalities. Throughout the presentation, implications and applications of these ideas when working with parents, supervisors, and supervisees are discussed. After this presentation, speech pathologists are able to increase their competency in dealing with challenges when working with families that are affected with learning and speech disabilities, and were able to work more effectively on multidisciplinary teams and in supervisory dynamics.

CEUs/Hours Offered

ASHA: 0.2 ASHA CEUs, Intermediate 
CA SLPAHB: 2 hrs 
CMH: 2 hrs

About the Presenter

Victoria H. Simeone, MSW, LSW

Bio and Disclosures
Victoria H. Simeone, MSW, LSW  is a licensed child mental health social worker specializing in trauma and behavioral disorders. She is a mental health clinician at the Rutgers Day School, Adolescent and Child Partial Hospitalization Program/University Behavioral Health Care, serving children ages 4-13 with a primary focus on treatment of trauma based disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, behavioral management and social skills training, as well as providing behavioral assessment and treatment, ongoing individual play or verbal psychotherapy, family psychotherapy, in addition to collaboration on educational needs and medication management.
Financial Disclosures— Victoria Simeone received a speaking fee from the Lavi Institute/Power Up Conference
Nonfinancial Disclosures— No relevant nonfinancial relationship exists.

Learning Outcomes

leadership and personality types

List different leadership and personality types and how each behave and may interact with one another.

dealing with conflict

Describe skills to deal with conflict, manage emotional reactions, and engage in empathic listening.

practical tips

Gain practical tips when entering situations with challenging personalities.

Satisfactory Course Completion Requirements

This course must be watched in its entirety. In order to receive the CMH or the CEU certificate, a quiz is required to be completed with 80% success.


5 mins – Disclosures, Introduction

30 mins – Literature Review: previous studies pertaining to emotional awareness, personality assessments, applications of conflict resolution in the work place, and internal emotional management

50 mins – Methodology and Strategies to address skills in communication in relation to DISC personality types, methods of conflict resolution, anger management, cognitive management, empathy, and active listening

25 mins – Results and Recommendations included dissemination of assessment tools regarding covered topics, applications for meetings, and interactions with parents.

10 mins – Q&A

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