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Our video based social skills program is designed for students between the ages of 7 and 21. Some of the highlights of our social skills video program includes the use of age/developmental level videos, the use of peer mentors for each concept, the practice of facial expressions using a mirror and/or camera to take a selfie, and the flexible conversation between clinician and student.

Whereas other programs may target the basics (i.e., happy, sad, mad), our program goes above and beyond to target more specific emotions (i.e., nervous, in pain, disappointed, excited, supportive, uninterested, sarcastic and more).

Each grouping of videos includes five topics that are each targeted for two to three weeks: Empathy – Understanding and Expressing Empathy; Sarcasm – Detecting Sarcasm, Deceit, Bullying; Conversational Adaptation; Negotiation and Compromise; Idioms and Expressions

Our program is heavily rule based and focuses on two key concepts: social mind and big heart. Social mind refers to an individual’s ability to read and detect social cues. Big heart refers to an individual’s ability to understand, be supportive and demonstrate mindfulness and empathy.

Sample Social Skills Squad Program Videos

Teaching Vocal Inflections

Teaching Facial Expressions

Sarcasm, Idioms, Conversations

Peer Mentored, Teens, Empathy



STUTTER SQUAD is a video based stuttering intervention for children and young adults.This program is currently at the research and development stage.

STUTTER SQUAD focuses on emotional aspects of stuttering and uses evidence based techniques to promote acceptance, confidence and optimal fluency of speech.

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