Legally Defensible IEPs – Becoming a Highly Credible Expert

Legally Defensible IEPs: Becoming a Highly Credible Expert
Lenore Boyarin, Esq.

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This session presented the basis and components for an approach that enables SLPs to become highly credible when reporting their findings and recommendations during individualized education plan meetings. Components of legally defensible documentation and report writing was addressed.

ASHA: 0.2 ASHA CEUs, Intermediate Level


CMH: 2.0 

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As a lawyer and a former certified speech pathologist, Lenore Boyarin is uniquely qualified to advocate on behalf of her clients in forums ranging from the Office of Administrative Law to the federal courts.

Ms. Boyarin passionately advocates for the needs of special education students throughout the state, enforcing their rights under both state and federal law.

As part of this advocacy, she is a member of the Child and Adolescent Committee of the Brain

Injury Alliance of New Jersey, which created an award-winning program called “Brain Injury Basics,” and is working with the New Jersey Y Camp, Round Lake Committee, which plans for sleepaway camp for special needs students.

Ms. Boyarin is admitted to the bar in New Jersey. She earned a Master of Science Degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology at Ithaca College and a Bachelor of Science Degree, cum laude, in Education and Speech Pathology at Brooklyn College. She holds her Juris Doctor Degree, cum laude, from New York Law School. She is Of Counsel to Sussan Greenwald & Wesler, and has been repeatedly named in New Jersey Magazine, Best Lawyer’s for Family-Special Education Law.

  1. explain characteristics and report components of a credible expert.
    2. define and explain components of a forensic report.
    3. identify credibility pitfalls.

This course must be watched in its entirety. In order to receive the CMH or the CEU certificate, a quiz is required to be completed with 80% success.

Financial— Lenore Boyarin will receive a speaking fee from the Lavi Institute/Power Up Conference

Nonfinancial— No relevant nonfinancial relationship exists.

5 mins – Disclosures, Introduction

25 mins – Objectives:
1. To understand IDEA and its impact on conducting
speech/language evaluations and resulting IEP
2. To understand the process of conducting a legally
defensible speech/language evaluation.
3. To understand the components of a legally defensible
speech/language evaluation.
4. To understand the considerations to be included in
assessments for specific populations.
5. To write a legally defensible speech/language evaluation

50 mins – Methodology: assessment requirements per IDEA, written report requirements per Educational Code, components of a legally defensible assessment report (e.g., case history, testing observations, previous assessments, classroom observations)

30 mins – Recommendations: use of validity statements, importance of informal observations, considerations for special populations, adverse impact on education

10 mins – Q&A

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