WPS (Western Psychological Services)

WPS (Western Psychological Services)

Video based

First video-based assessment of pragmatics, providing comprehensive information on pragmatic language skills and social language development of children and young adults.

Across social situations

The norm-referenced measure is sensitive to pragmatic deficits exhibited by students with high-functioning autism, language delays, and social (pragmatic) communication disorders.

The ability to recognize and manipulate the individual sound structures of a whole word without any reliance on print.

The understanding of the elements of print, including alphabet knowledge and concepts about print (for example, reading starts at the top left of a page).

Versatile assessment

Provides a well-standardized measure of articulation and phonology to help clinicians identify individuals in need of speech sound services.

3 tests in 1

A quick and reliable assessment of articulation and phonology that measures speech intelligibility, articulatory impairment, and phonological impairment.

More than its parts

Measure four language processes—separately and in relation to one another—for the most complete, accurate, and useful picture of language skills.

Reliable measure

Assess language-based learning disabilities with a complete picture of reading and writing skills (RC/WE Scales) and oral language skills (LC/OE Scales).

CASL-2: 14 tests

Measure the oral language processing skills of comprehension and expression across four categories: Lexical/Semantic, Syntactic, Supralinguistic, and Pragmatic.

OPUS: Learning skill

Assess the comprehension of spoken language in a natural context, a skill that is fundamental to classroom learning.

Better together

The OPUS allows you to evaluate a person’s ability to integrate and apply many of the skills measured by the CASL-2. 

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